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The future of health and wellness access does not include walls. We meet you right where you are, at home.
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Easy-to-use Video Chat/Conferencing
Compatible with all smart phones, tablets, and computers with webcam and microphone.
Convenient Scheduling
Easy selection of appointments within our online scheduleing software. 
HIPPA Compliant Video Conferencing
On-Demand, Live Access to Trained Professionals
Having access to expert advise and  health and wellness coordination has never been this easy. Our team members work together and share information to help you reach your personalized goals.
Be reassured that all virtual appointments are held on a secure conferencing system.
  1. Wellness Coordination & Management
    Wellness Coordination & Management
    As your wellness needs change over time, we can become more or less involved in helping you achieve optimum results.
  2. Assessment
    Our team will do a thorough individualized situational assessment and work in tandem with you to identify actionable steps to meet your wellness goals.
  3. Support & Motivation
    Support & Motivation
    Keeping on track is sometimes a daunting task, our wellness coaches are there to check in and help you stay on path.
Your Wellness & Health Team Members
Our nurses involvement provides the overarching support and coordination in the management of your wellness program. Additionally, they support with triaging higher level medical needs. 
  • Wellness coordination and management
  • Advisement on minor health issues and health management
  • Guidance on medical treatments
  • Assistance with medication administration questions

Nutrition is one of the vital keys to healthy living and longevity. Our Registered Dietitians will work with you to determine nutrition goals and co-develop a personalized plan.
  • Virtual nutrition counseling services
  • Telenutrition
  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Personal diet consultations
  • Nutrition accountability and food journal analysis
  • Weight-loss
  • Supermarket tours

Medication management can be cumbersome, but having involvement with our pharmacists can give you piece of mind that someone is taking the bigger picture into account with your overall wellness goals.
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Annual and On Demand Reviews​
  • Improving treatment outcomes
  • Improving medication adherence
  • Optimizing safety and treatment options
  • Reducing out of pocket costs

Physical and Occupational Therapist
Staying in top physical condition is often difficult, but we aim to help you maintain and improve your physical capabilities. Your therapist is an excellent catalyst to attaining realistic goals when coupled with our physical trainers. 
  • Home safety assessments
  • Balance evaluation and training
  • PT/OT recommendations for therapy treatments
  • Aging in Place home renovation/remodeling consulting
  • Durable medical equipment consultations

Physical Trainer
We all can benefit from staying fit and active. Having access to a personal trainer over live video conferencing is the key to this success. Take advantage of technology to enable one-on-one live access to your own personal trainer.  
  • Exercise evaluations
  • Personalized exercise plans
  • Live group exercise classes
  • One-on-One live, interactive personalized training sessions, as part of add-on training packages

Social Worker
Our social services programming covers a wide range of needs that may arise from time to time. The main goal is to proactively address the needs of our members in a caring and considerate manner and to provide you with any necessary resources.
  • Social services consulting 
  • Case Management
  • Situational life assessments and planning
  • Depression/anxiety counseling
  • Proactive end of life planning

Interdisiplinary Approach

Amazing things happen when people talk to one another. With professional expertise and common sense in mind, our tele-providers share helpfull information across team members to help achieve better wellness and health outcomes. 

Wellness & Health Services

Take time to review our many Wellness and Health Services. Many services are provided as part of our membership packages or can be purchased a la carte.
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Novel Wellness

We have an ambitious goal at Life Connect At Home. Using technology, we strive to break down barriers to give you access to our health and wellness team and services to help you achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.
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