All of our services are geared to optimize wellness and health of our members. You can participate in an annual plan or choose a la carte services tailored to your individualized and ever-changing needs.

Services are often coupled with our Telewellness Program to be a catalyst for maintaining or improving your wellness goals.

Wellness Check-In
Over our smart phone app, members can do a daily check-in. If the member does not respond by a set time, our dispatchers will call to check on you. If you still do not respond, your emergency contacts will be alerted and then emergency services will be called for a wellness check. 
Home Environment Safety Assessment
Our systematic approach to home assessments review all areas of the home, as we move room to room not only watching you interact with your home environment, but ask you for perform everyday activities to give us insight into how you go about your day​. Sometimes only one area of the home is of concern and we focus our assessment to meet your individual needs. Often we find the bathroom and kitchen to be the most common single areas of interest, but just let us know what area is currently most important. All assessments recieve a personalized, written report of the assessment and suggestions.  
Nutrition Counseling
Our registered dietician coordinates our nutrition counseling program by working with you to achieve optimum nutritional outcomes based on your overall wellness goals. All counseling services are offered virtually can include some of the following focuses: medical nutrition therapy, personal diet consultations, nutrition accountability and food journal analysis, weight-loss programming and supermarket tours.  

Meal Delivery
Delicious Prepared Meals ready for delivery to your front door. Our partner,'s healthy, delicious frozen meals are quick to prepare and ideal for maintenance free nutrition. Select choices on your own or have our Dietician involved in meal selection. Also, ask us about taking advantage of our member discount before ordering.  

Medication Management
The telepharmacy program is designed to optimize health outcomes for individual patients, especially those in Medicare, by improving medication adherence, optimizing safety and treatment options, and reducing costs.​
Nurse Advice Line
24/7/365 access to a registered nurse call center with trained professionals that triage your personal health situation. We will advise you on the most appropriate level of care to address your need. Our Registered Nurses use the renowned Schmitt/Thompson guidelines to assist with information collection, triaging, decision making, action selection and advice.

All call centers are URAC approved.

Additional Services
Call us today to find out about more of our services, as we are often adding new offerings on a monthly basis.

Here are some of our new or soon to be offered services: Telemonitoring, Emergency Response Systems, Healthy Aging Education, Virtual Medical Note Taker, Home Medical Supplies/Equipment and Virtual Classes/Hobbies.